This is the place where I can express my opinions about sex and other topics that I enjoy discussing, which are many! I also give you the opportunity to leave comments and speak with other member’s too.

I hope you come check this out often as I will be writing in there every 3 days and I look forward to checking out what you all have to say.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Don’t know if my message sent?
    Love to say how amazing and sexy shanda is anyway.
    What an awsome babe :) x

  2. Hello, Shanda. Oh, by the way, how would you like me to address or call you:
    Do you prefer, Ms. Fay or just Shanda or is there any perticular way you’d like to be called or stated on the web or mail? I would be more than happy if you answere a seems-like-unimportant question. Sorry, let me continure: I am a 55 year-old Japanese man, living a small town near the second largest city called Osaka in the Kansai area of Honshu-Main Island of Japan. Osaka is about 500 km west of Tokyo and it takes about 2.5 hours Bullet train ride. The twon I live is just an ordinary small suburb satelite village. There isn’t much industry nor farming. Well, it’s a kind of middle-of-no-where town if you understand. Well, I’d like to ask you one question if you don’t mind reading or answering: What do you think of me a foreginer, a Japanese man become a dedicated fan of you, a nice looking wonderful Canadian lady like you? I myself believe there isn’t any language or cultural barriers or obstacles over mutural trust and sexsual life. I like a beatiful woman being naked and feeling enthusiastic about her inner sexsual eagarnesses. I’m looking forward to hearing your honest and kind reply. Thank you very much indeed for your valuable time and kind attentions.
    Sincerely Yours,

  3. Hi Hal,

    Wow Welcome all the way from Japan! I’m impressed you found me! Thank you for joining my site! You can call me Shanda or if your a naughty boy then its Miss.Fay!..lol
    I love Men from all around the world and its my pleasure to have you as part of my site! I am honored when Members click the join button and spend their hard earned money to see my videos and see me live on cam….its a turn on!
    I do hope you enjoy yourself…over and over again watching me Hal! If you have any requests I would love to hear them.
    Thank you again and email me anytime from here or inside from the site!

    Kisses Hal
    Shanda Fay

  4. Hi Sui E thanks for commenting here. I am not sure when I will be in Vegas. Maybe this year sometime for a weekend.


  5. Writing this from Scotland. Your videos, pics and general personality make me excited for my upcoming trip to Calgary. Where can I keep track of your Spring/Summer events?

  6. Hello Shanda hope all is well.! Ever since I watched you pegging a man for the first time blew me away. And now I just can’t stop thinking of you pegging my virgin little Ass! I fantasize about it all the time & seriously wish would do it to me in the flesh??? Would that even be possible? To be in one of your video’s? I would even sign a piece of paper saying I am not looking to make any profit?

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