Happy Holidays & a very Happy New Year 2016

Hi my lovers!!!!

One of my New Year’s res… is to put more in my blog to keep u informed. I know lot’s of you don’t watch my snapchat yet! Or it’s hard to keep up with social media so I will post some stuff here too for you.

It’s been a really great 2015…for the site and I have you ALL to thank for that.

I think the biggest things this year for me was focusing on getting some new equipment. Picking out a new video camera was a challenge. I ended up with the GH4 Panasonic I have a love hate relationship with it. I think the cinematic capabilities are gorgeous but I still have lot’s to learn. I do want to pick up another video camera not a 4/3 micro camera I need that stable video my also those fucking scenes!!!!!!

I also loved doing BatGirl this year I made 2 more installments in the series and I will continue to build it. I have added some new touches to my costume so I can’t wait for Batman vs Superman 2016 I will definitely being doing my own version!

I also did a Jessica rabbit cosplay theme and I will be doing more of your fav sexy comic babes and superheros!!!!

One of the hardest parts of this year was losing Tinnie my 13yr old pom to Pyometra I hope all dog owners learn from my mistake of not getting my dogs spayed!!!!!!!!!! NO Words can’t describe how I feel without her by my side! Shelby my other dog also got sick but they were able to save her TG and the Vet amazing job! I think about Tinnie everyday!

The craziest thing that happened this year was my SL500 Benz getting stolen in front of my house at 4:30am while I am sleeping on the couch. I heard my car start and watched it smash back in forth into my other cars to get away!!! Long story but 2hrs after searching for it I saw the jerk driving it and the chase was on. The Police had to chase him on foot with K-9 and he was caught. I hope the justice system kicks him in the ass and then some! The car is safe with 7K damage but it will be ready for summer again 2016.

So much more happened in 2015 but I know 2016 is going to be even better….I am wiser horny then ever so watch out or should I say keep watching your screens I’m doing it all for your pleasure!!!

I Love you Members, Thank you with all my Heart you kind words of support and uplifting comments make my day everyday….I look forward to them, I look forward to chatting with my guys most of all!

Happy New Year 2016

Love your girl

Shanda Fay

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