Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween my horny ghouls Halloween is a great time to dress up and have a little fun and you know I love to!

13 Sexy Halloween Text Messages

  • ur zombie queen is hungry. what will u feed her?
  • something wicked will come 2 night. r u wicked?
  • 2nite i will bite whatever you leave exposed
  • my jack-u-lantern needs a candle
  • bob for my apples..2nite. no hands
  • if I frost it, will u lick it?
  • i’m waiting 4 something big n hard. not a pumpkin.
  • i’m tied up 2 nite. u should come soon.
  • show me something 2 make me shiver
  • dear werewolf: i want to put my hand on ur change
  • make me moan 2nite
  • it’s skeleton nite, bring ur bone
  • u will get the best piece at my house

be safe out there tonight and make sure you cum get some Shanda candy!

Hockey Lockout Sucks!

SO the lockout is final they can’t make up their minds and they will never make up all the games before the season ends so that’s it…NO Hockey for 2012-2013 no Stanley Cup and forget about the countless millions of fans that sit at their tv every night watching their favorite team score a goal!

What about the kids …what about the game and the fun of it oh yeah it’s about the money…I forgot. When I watch a hockey game I am not thinking about money I am watching it for the love of the sport, some of us forgot especially the CEO’s who some of  them have never even played the game.

I do think things may get worse also before they get better in Hockey as quoted here in a great article http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/opinion/2012/10/30-thoughts-lockouts-chock-full-of-familiar-refrains.html


New Bobbies!

On Oct 23rd I went and had my boobies redone! It’s been over 13yrs since I had them done and it was time for some new ones!I went a bit bigger but I don’t know my exact new size yet! I can’t wait to try on some new sexy bras and lingerie and show you all!

I am still updating the site and I will always be around but I am at home healing and won’t be on cam shows for 2 weeks but I will be back with new boobies and feeling great again soon!