2 Way Cam Show at 6PmEst Jan5,2010

It’s my first show of the New Year…you now it’s always fun but oh so filthy…..but you like it…lol! Come turn your cam on with me cause I love to watch to what your doing to yourself!

see you inside my place! Check out this picture Benny did.. he is a Member of Vicky Vette’s…but does lot’s of cool pics for all of us VNA ladies. This ones rocks!


My 2010 Happy New Year!

Cheers to the New Year!!! Nix and I wish you all the best in…health…family….happiness…may this be a better brighter year!!!

We are thankful for our new friends here on Filthycuteonline and the Vette Nation Army…Vicky and Rokkerr and the girls!!

I look forward to more filthy requests and a big year for the site…it’s gonna get even filthier everyone but always with abit of class to it and your amatuer side.

If your not apart of Filthycuteonline.com  and the Vette Nation Army….I can tell you your missing out on 8 sites that are fully interactive…full of everything you can imagine…pretty..sexy…imaginative…full filling in so many ways….we welcome you to join us!

Happy New Year 2010….let’s get this party started!!!!

blowing my sweet kisses….can you catch!!



Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010