Members Notice Please Read!

Hi everyone!

I am officially back from holidays!

As most of you know I have been trying for a long time to make the site more fullfilling and I have found a good home for us on some of you know her from Amateur Camz or maybe from the porn industry! I am staying an Amateur but joing forces with Vicky and the other ladies will just make my site complete! She has the most interactive site I have never seen and on Members Shows you guys can turn your cams on and let me watch you …only if you want to! How horny is that! I so would love to see some of you!

Concerning Memberships! I have e-mailed everyone but there are still a few people left that have not canceled their memberships. This is what is happening. My site was $19.99 each month and all of Vicky’s site are $24.99 a month…I have to match her price or people will buy my site at the cheaper price and that would not be fair to all the VNA ladies. SO what I need is for my members to cancel their memberships and you will still get all access until the day it expires! They day it expires and you want to rejoin…yahoo! then you rejoin at my new price of$24.99 a month for ALL 7 Sites all the VNA ladies members show….Amateur Camz still…Private Camz recordings still…so much more you guys it’s unreal! all for $4.99 more…5 bucks & 6 more sites and she is still having more ladies join in the future too! I hope you guys can take care of this part of your memberships or I will have to make the changes to the memberships and I don’t want to make anyone upset with me…that would be the last thing. But I have to close down my CCbill account with as soon as possible! I hope you ugys understand and are happy with this new upgrade to the site. Please e-mail me if you have any concerns I am here for you! Please enjoy everything and I am still your filthy amateur Canadian girl!



& Nix