Update on what’s coming!

Hi mi filthy men!

Okay I know I have said before but this time we really are very near the end of this long renovation so I can setup my House Camz finally I would say in the third week of April I plan to have two of those Camz hooked up for you guys.

I am also chatting with a few new webmasters who I want to do some upgrades on the site…such as post some of my more recent photos on the pages of the site, We are going to have www.Sarahathome.com and www.Chicasplace.com and possibly www.Maxinex.com in May/June but I have to meet with Maxine first in Toronto. We are going to exchange some updates for you guys…cool hey!

I also want to get some online games for you and get my cards page finished so you can send out some wacky funny or naughty but sexy cards to whom ever.

I will be taking my old vids and re-editing them…the first webmaster was in idiot! Good thing I know how to do this myself now.

Well I hope you are all going to have a good week…hey Spring is coming and that means summer….hot rods…bikinis and vacations! Think positive right and it’s going to be a good year! No a great year right my sexy men!

Kisses to you all and hey did I tell you all thank you with all my heart for being with us….thank you!

Shandafay & Nix

Happy St.Patty’s Day

A bit of History in case you were wondering.St. Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland. Legend has it that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, although in fact snakes were never there. The legend may be referring metaphorically to St. Patrick driving out the Druidic religion and bringing Christianity to the island. Many believe that March 17, 461 AD, marks St. Patrick’s death. In Ireland, they celebrate.

Many descendents of those who emigrated from Ireland during the potato famines of the 18th and 19th centuries hold this day near and dear to their hearts as part of their ancestral binding. It was the Irish colonists who brought St. Patrick’s Day to the United States.

Of the 13 original colonies, Boston held the very first celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in the early 1700s. In the United States today, there are over 30 million people who have at least a trace of Irish ancestry, and almost everyone becomes Irish for that one special day on March 17.

I am also part Irish and English we still have the Macleod’s back in St.John New Brunswick.

I do hope you all enjoy today and drink some of that funky Green beer…yummy! I will stick with my paralyzer though…lol!

Updates are coming this week I promise! I hope to post 3 vids and a 2 pic set’s so watch for those okay!

I also want to thank my new members and of course my members that have become friend”s and so much more…kisses to you all and Nix and I are very grateful that you are with us.

Have a great week and see you on Camz or Members show this week!




Hi guys!!

 Kiss kiss

My updates are coming but tech is still not getting internet access as soon as they do update’s will be posted I PROMISE!!!!!! Technical issue’s I hate them but they are real!

Thanks for anyone joining me for Camz today. I was so wet and horny that when I came I was shaking so hard….it felt so good. I am so glad we get to experience that feeling in our bodies and I don’t know if this is true for guys but for me everytime I do cum it’s a different explosive feeling between my legs everytime…..mmmmI love it…..I love sharing with you too!

Anyway have a great weekend and I hope to see some of you tomorrow for the hot Friday night Show! it’s the only way to start the weekend off with my favorite men!



New Camcorder

Hi guys!

I have been on the hunt for a new camcorder the last few month’s.  A Canon GL2 it’s not the most recent but it’s what I have been looking for. I am meeting the guy tonight to hopefully buy it. I thought about buying online but with this kind of equipment I decided my money was not worth the problem’s that can occure. This video will allow us to do alot more with our video’s and the lighting issue will be resloved immediately.

I am also learning more about posting updates and thing’s so I can take over thing’s and get update’s up more often for you guys!

Wish me luck on the learning the new camcorder.

Thanks everyone for watching us and we hope you are enjoying yourself!

Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kiss


Updates delayed this week sorry!

Hey guys my tech went out of town and we thought they could still post updates for me but they aren’t getting through! So you will have to wait till next week for double updates okay!

This shouldn’t happen again!

Thanks for some of you coming to Camz today that was great! I love turning my boys on!

Kisses always and forever

have a great weekend!