What’s New

Well it’s been a bit since I filled you all in on my crazy life.

We really are almost done the reno’s except for the fireplace which the contractors and really dicked me around! I am going to start dicking him right back…lol….you know where…lol! He says he will be done by next weekend. Which means if he sticks to his word then we will be done in 2-3 more weeks and then yes finally House Camz can be installed. So after all this it’s finally the way I have always wanted my house.

What else is new! Well I had put an ad up on Craiglist and for other ladies to come on to the site and wow I had a huge response. I was very surprised but the problem was the ladies just weren’t the right kind for my site. I have a meeting next week with another and from her pictures she is really cute and looks perfect.

 The search continues for FilthyCute Girls and I will keep looking!

I have been in touch with a few of the other canadian girls on Camz and plan to meet with some of them this spring~!

I will keep you posted.

Well boyzzz you all take care and stay horny for me okay..lol! Most of all have a great weekend!

Kisses always and forever!