Updates Coming Tonight

well hello there guys!

I had such a great day with some of you at Camz today….hot hot and horny I was! Thanks for cumming with me too okay.

Updates are coming Thursday now and will be up tonight sometime. I just want to warn some of you that The new video mymansGspot is exactly what you think it is. I do some really kinky stuff to Nix and he really loved it. I am more intriqued now about this….. I found even another way to please a man and I love it.

The Nexus toy is made for men. It teases and tantalises the perineum point while the Neo hits the male G-spot, making orgasms much more intense. The Neo is simple yet sexy in design, which makes it easy to use and a very effective toy. Made from phthalate-free polypropylene. I think I will be trying this again with Nix and learn more about the new way to cum it’s called the Prostate Orgasm. Look into guys and you will see more okay, google it Perineum massage men. There is alot of info.

I am planning on hooking up Camz in Feb/09 and can’t wait..I will keep you posted.

I also want to say thanks everyone and enjoy all the new stuff to come in the next month.

Take care and have a filthy weekend with someone!



2009 Best Wishes to all my special Men

Nix and I wish the all the best to everyone this new year to come. I hope you try something new and just live like you never have before!

We are almost done this renovation and I know I have said it before but I really mean it this time!

My brother is back up for tomorrow night from out of town to finish some of the flooring so I won’t be on till Monday night if you can make that would be great!

They will be installing my molding’s and trim work next week sometime and my door’s and then we are done….thank god you have no idea!

I am so horny for you guy’s all the time and can’t show you, but when my House Camz is up and I am walking around and playing all the time…mmmm it will be fun!

Also you will be able to call me on NiteFlirt also when I am done the reno too!

I hope you all have some kind of naughty fun this weekend and thank you very much with all my heart for being here with Nix and I!

Take care

Kisses alway’s