Congrats on Your new President

Hi everyone!

I have to say I was crying as I watch the election last night and hoped for Obama to win and he did! As I watched and listened to his ever word and saw the strength on his face, I do believe in this man and hope he does what he say’s.

I truely feel that you have a man who will take care of your country and not sit on the side lines and just watch.

So congrats to all of you and your new President and I wish the best for you and everyone out there in this crazy world.



Keeping You Posted

Hi everyone!

 We had a wicked halloween I hope you all had a good night too!

I just wanted to keep you up to date on thing’s with the site and the house.

Reno’s wow do these ever suck and trying to live in them, try having sex and taking picture’s. I am ready for a hotel soon I tell ya. We are coming along just waiting on sink’s, faucet’s, window’s that are ordered and firepleace to be finished. Then I am done this and it will all be worth it…!

The site is still going to get a slight change and tech is waiting for me to compress my vid’s so other’s with Mac….(Jake)…dial up and low bandwith can view them. I will be trying to do that this week. So as soon as I get that to my tech then they will make those changes and be adding those other site’s for your cock’s viewing pleasure..mmmm!

House Camz is still in the plan’s as soon as we are done too, will you guy’s really watch me all the time? I think that makes me even wetter knowing you will be spying on me…mmmm!

Vegas is still in the plan’s and I will let you all know by next week what is happening with that.

….kisses and of course to each and everyone of you thank you for watching and really treating me like all of you do in your special way’s!

Take care and have a good work week!