Sorry To My Member’s

Hi everyone,

 sorry I was unable to post my show’s earlier the last two week’s. With the reno’s and people coming over everyday and on weekend’s too now for the next few week’s until we are done. We are doing every room in the house and I am spending about $40,000 on the job so you can imagine what’s going on here. I do plan to post some new pic’s of what it looked like before and the finished product! I know you guy’s will understand but update’s will still be up and I will still be doing my live show’s it’s just hard to know when I will be alone in my house so we can do the show. I will be on this Sunday if you guy’s can make it for me!

The site will be going under some of those changes very soon here. I am also going to be making my vids available to Mac user’s, Dial up, also those other site’s will be joining at that time.

I would like to thank all of you for joining and for some of you that have stayed with me for the last couple of year’s. You have watched me grow with techology and the site will be getting bigger and better in the next few month’s to come!

Thank you all with all my heart!….and my pussy thanks you too!…hehehe!

Shandafay & Nix

LasVegas January 12-14, 2009 Palm Casino Resort

Okay guy’s here is your chance to meet Nix and I Plus have the best time in your entire life at the InterNext/ where you can meet all the ladies of the Internext World. The best of course will be to meet Nix and I in our hotel room, have a drink and get comfortable with each other and then I get to show you how my I love my member’s. Want to come make a video with me just send me an e-mail so I can start telling you more….mmmm!

I plan to book my stay at the MGM Grand just cause I love that hotel and have been there before.

I will keep you posted as I know more too!

Thanks guys and have a great week!


Kisses you all!

Thanks Member’s

HI everyone!

I just want to keep you posted on what’s new with me!

We are doing some more reno’s then planned but it will all be worth this mess I am living in right now!

I do plan to have House Camz as soon as we are done. I am waiting on new fixture’s for my sink’s and it will be 3/4 week’s on this so my plan is now to have it all done in 4 week’s! It will be freezing here by then and thing’s have to be all done.

We are also working on the site on a few upgrade’s too and those 5 site’s to join us should be at the end of this month.

I have applied for my passport and plan to meet any member’s in Las Vegas in Jan/09 for the big convention there for all in this indusrty. You really should come cause you can really meet the girl’s you have often seen on Camz or vid’s but better yet you can have real fun with me in my hotel room as long as I get to tape it! hehehe!….mmmm     If anyone is interested let me know ahead of time so we can chat about the arrangement’s.

I am also sorry if I can’t get to your e-mail’s within 24hrs but tech help will alway’s be there for you, just go to Help Page on the Menu .

I have to move my computer some day’s with painting/priming the room’s but I will alway’s get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for your e-mail’s too I love them!

Thanks to you all for being here and enjoying my site and allowing me to share my life with you.

I blow each and everyone of my guy’s a soft wet tender kiss!

Have a great weekend and maybe I will see some of you on the show’s.

Take care



So you have seen the new video and some of you are wondering about it I bet. I can tell you I enjoyed every second of it and can’t wait to do more to Nix. I think alot of guy’s have wondered about having a finger in their butt or maybe something else but wasn’t sure about it or how do you ask your wife or girlfriend, hey can you stick your finger in my butt without shocking them right…well I can tell you I am not the only girl who wanted to do this to their man. There are lot’s of us kinky girl’s out there and you have found the right one.

I do plan to do more with this type of niche and it’s only going to get filthier and alway’s sexy and fun!

Thanks for listening


Home Renovation’s Yuk!

Hi my sexy men!

Nix and I have been doing a whole house reno and I will still be another 3 week’s until everything is done! But guess what? This mean’s House Camz will be coming soon and You will be able to watch not only me but all the other House Camz people too. I will have one cam in the bathroom downstair’s, one cam in my main computer room where I do alot of work and the other cam in either my work out room or my living room downstair’s.

I am also working on NiteFlirt so you can call me anytime and chat about all the thing’s on your mind.

So bare with us for abit here but update’s will still be up and I will still be doing my show’s.

Thank’s for the new member’s joining and e-mailing me and of course to my member’s who have been with me for such along time, I love you guys! Thank you so much with all my heart!

Muahhhhh to every single one of your lip’s!