New Camera and new thing’s

Hi my sexy horny men out there!

I want to tell you all that I have bought the new Nikon D300 camera and we are loving it. The pic’s are now 1200×797 and much more clearer! You will see all of me know…hehehe! I plan to also get a new camcorder just waiting for Canada so I can order the one I want.

Also as you will see this week we have some new hardcore content and I tell you it was alot of fun for me and Nix. I have not done this to Nix before but I have licked his ass before and he loved it. I hope some of you enjoy the filthy video this week, it has 2 part’s to the video and will continue next week.

We do plan to do more of the fetish scene but also keep some of the content that you guy’s have liked in the past.

Thanks everyone for being here on the site and thanks for your e-mail’s. I do hope more of you leave comment’s though.

Take care and kisses to you all!