August 26/27 to September 3 Holiday’s

Hi my sexy men!

I hope you all were able to have some kind of release of fun this year! I am going to take mine know to beautiful British Columbia…. in the mountain’s and surrounded by lake’s. I will be thinking of you all of course while Nix is fucking me where ever we are…hehehe! Yes I will make some vid’s and take some pic’s for you all.

I really wish you guy’s the best alway’s and I hope if you didn’t do much this summer that you take this last weekend and treat yourself….cause you know my guy’s deserve the best!

Thanks everyone with all my heart!


forever your filthy girl

Laser Hair Removal

Hi everyone!

So I have been wanting to get laser hair removal for my pussy of course and been doing alot of research on it and been doing consult’s with different companies.

I have found that #1 you can’t be tanned so if you have noticed I am quite white in the more recent picture’s but tanned on my arm’s. This is because you can’t have a tan when you have the laser or it will discolor your own skin…which would be bad! So I haven’t been tanning except my arm out the window of the car….it look’s funny I know but wait till my pussy is beautifully bare!

I have had to wait till my old tan was gone and I hope to start my first treatment when I get back from holiday’s.

If any of you know or have a story to tell about the laser hair removal please feel free to share okay!

Thanks for reading guy’s!

My love to you all


your girl

Filthy Fun Saturday, August 16/08

It’s Friday, yessssss! I bet your all saying that today like me! I love the weekend’s.

My filthy guy’s you have me for 2 show’s tomorrow so I hope you can make one of them, member’s live show is alway’s the best! I have been so horny this week and so wanting to show my guy’s. As you can see from the new video I just did my pussy was so wet after I came, I wish Nix would have licked me all up again!

I am planning to take a bit of a holiday before the summer is over but I will let you guy’s know and update’s will still continue.

Dawn is working on some change’s for the site and it shouldn’t be to long before you see the change. Hope you like it.

I also want to tell my member’s thank you for all your support this year and I am so thankful for such a great group of people. I know not everyone is able to watch the live show’s for certain reason’s but thank you for still being here and for your sweet and filthy e-mail’s! I love and adore them all. Heck I may even play with myself while looking at some of your picture’s….hehehe!

Everyone have a great weekend and see you at one of the show’s!

Juicy wet kisses for all my Member’s


I am back from Saint John’s

I am back and what a beautiful place to visit guy’s. I went to do what I had to and now the healing has begun for my dad! I will never forget those moment’s and the beauty I witnessed. I truly feel at peace.

I am back to have fun with you all and hope to meet some of you shy one’s one of these day’s. I feel that my Members Show’s are the best times on my site and you have to just check it out to see me.

We are still working on those change’s to come and those other’s site’s to join mine will be this month sometime.

If anyone know’s of a good remote control trip pod, maybe someone from Camz you have seen before? Anyway I am on a search for one so my show’s are even better!

I will be very sexy for ya Sunday August 10th for some pussy soaking and what ever else feel’s good…..mmmmm…hehehe! See you there my sexy men!



your filthy Canadian girl