Wednesday July30/08

Muahhhhhh to all my sexy guy’s out there!

 I am away for a week so you all have a great week too and see you when I get back! I am off to St.John New Brunswick to see family.

Watch my vid’s and look at my pic’s and stroke your hard beautiful cock’s for me. I will be thinking of my member’s while I am away alone in my hotel room each night…. touching my pussy all over and wishing someone was there…..mmmmmmm!

Take care guy’s have a fantastic summer!

Kisses and hug’s to everyone!



Saturday Live Member Chat & Fuck Session

Well I am feeling so horny all week waiting to show you how I like to play with my pussy, knowing your watching me get’s me so worked for you all!

Can’t wait to see you! 5:00pm Mountain time for Con from Australia! So you can sleep in abit.

Kisses to allllllll my horny men


Camz Show Thursday

Hi everyone,

 I am doing my Camz show hardcore stlye so unzip and enjoy yourself with me! Great to have some of your there! I wish the best for everyone’s summer and lot’s of naughty sexy fun of course.

Have a great week where ever you are out there and take care alway’s.

kisses to my guy’s


Bleached My Teeth

Hi everyone!

I have to share with you all my experience with this teeth bleaching thing. I have bleached my teeth as you will notice in new pic’s and future one’s! Hell I am trying to tone them down I am glowing so much….hehehe Just want to let you guy’s know when you see abit of difference. I would suggest next time take the lazer off sooner!

Anyway hope everyone had a great weekend. We had the Stampede here and it’s our city’s way of being cowboy’s and cowgirl’s for 10 ten’s of bar hopping, country dancing, rodeo’s, ride’s and all the fried food you can eat. Yahoooo is what we say here. My set of pic’s for the week are set around this week in our city so it’s not entirely hardcore but it’s just alittle fun I had. I hope you enjoy. Check the home page for day’s when I am on live chat okay. It’s the best part of my whole site, you directing me and telling me what makes you hard!

See you soon!

Muahhhhhhh to all my member’s


Have a great work week!

No more Show’s Thursday, Changed to Saturday’s

Hey guy’s

hellooooo to you all and I hope you all had a great week! I have been talking with some of the member’s and it seem’s like the member’s live chat time is hard for everyone to get to see so I am going to try this out and see if it work’s. I will be on Saturday’s at 2:30pm Moutain Standard Time.

I will be waiting for you to join me so I can play with your filthy mind today….hehehe

Give me some feed back if you guy’s like this change okay!

Kisses to all of you and your sweet cock’s


your filthy girl

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all you American’s! Celebrate your day and have fun with family and friend’s!
Take care everyone.

I would like to hear some feed back on a better day for live chat show’s! Let me know if the weekend’s work best for most of you.
I want to see more of you on my live chat because that’s the best part of my whole site. Getting sexy and horny with me until me can cum together, that sound’s like fun!

Kisses to everyone and thanks!

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to my canadian friend’s! Have a great day with family and friend’s or my hot video and your best toy ….your hand…..wishing it was my mouth…..mmm!

I plan to go to some celebration’s downtown and then make Nix a nice roast dinner and then I have something special for him…. I bought him that toy the and tease his cock with it until he beg’s me to sit on him…… continue more after tomorrow night.

I will do video for you guy’s to see if it’s worth it to have. It look’s like a nice pussy anyway have to show you guy’s.

Cheer’s my fellow Canadian’s!