Monday’s a Filthy Show!

Hey guy’s I will be doing my weekly cam show for you on Monday instead of Thursday because I will be out of town. I plan to have some anal fun so join in on the horny action.

Everyone have a great work week and hey take it easy, it’s summer time! Time to enjoy everything around you and maybe stop and smell the flower’s once in awhile too.

We are doing some major renovation’s in the house and I can’t wait till all the new work is done in my house and I can finally start shooting in different area’s. I also plan to have House Camz sometime in the end of August so keep your eye’s open for that.

The next few video’s coming out will be for member’s request’s so if you have any yourself and would like to see something specific then send me an e-mail and we will plan it.

I want to say a special thank you to some of my member’s coming back to me after I had to leave for a few month’s. I just love you guy’s and you make me feel like someone is enjoying me, so thank you with all my heart and pussy of course…lol

Have a great week and see you soon!

Thank you everyone!


Happy Father’s Day


they are our strength, our guide’s through live, the best kind of love is from a father,

they are the first men in our lives and when loved right, show’s us how we will allow other men to treat us   the rest of our lives.

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful men out there! Thank you for all the love you give to your loved ones and for supporting us. We all know how hard every single day you all work so we can have the nice thing’s we do! Thank’s Dad’s

Have a beautiful day with loved ones and I will talk to you all soon!

Kisses and Love


Thursday’s show

Hi guy’s I had to change today’s show to tomorrow which is even better becuase you get to be filthy with me on my Birthday!

I am doing lot’s of reno’s in my house and we have some guy’s working here longer then planned today. I wanted to tell them to get out by 5:30 so I can get off with myself and my boyfriend’s online but I didn’t think that would work out to well…lol!

See you all soon! Thank you!


Another Year Younger!

Hi to all my favorite men in the world!

Yes I am going to be another year younger (that’s my way of looking at on Friday the 13th….oooo spooky!

Thanks Jeffie for your awesome gift from Victoria Secret, I am sure all the guy’s will thank you too…lol

I plan to spend it with family and have a big shin dig (that’s our way of saying a big old fashion barbeque) play in my parent’s pool and have some really great time’s.

This year without my Dad is going to be really hard but I plan to do a toast for my Dad and read one of his 100′s of poem’s that he use to recite to us when we were teen’s for many year’s. My Dad was the best story teller you could ever listen too. If anyone is interested at all as to the poem it is called, “The Cremation of Sam Mc Gee”, by Robert Service. You have to know my Dad as to why he liked this poem but if you know anything about the Maritime’s, Far Eastern Canada and the men who fished,hunted or just loved the outdoor’s, you would understand it. It has a great rhythm to it. Miss you Dad!

I can’t wait till the new change’s happen with the site, I really hope that you guy’s enjoy the new site’s coming for you, 5 new one’s, very soon I promise!

I also got some new professional lighting so I hope all new pic’s and video’s are  even better!

I will be on Filthy chat tomorrow so stop in and play for awhile with your sexy Canadian!

Thank you to everyone here! It’s so much fun showing all the sexy thing’s I get to do for you.

Big wet kisses to all of your hard cock’s oh and to you