New Pic’s Part1

Hi my sexy men!

We had a great time tonight with you Jeff and thank’s for being there. Nix was so hard all day long thinking about me dressing up for me like I did. I hope you all enjoy the new pic’s I posted today in the Fetish Gallery. It is only Part1 and wow Part2 is so horny I know your all gonna explode your load!

We will post this hot new video next week!

I want your opinion’s on if I should dye my hair dark or keep it blonde?

Thank you also to Jeff for some great funnies I will be posting up in the next few week’s to come, kisses Jeffie!

Charlie thanks for coming to the show today. I wil be doing a foot fetish show for you this weekend and have that up also by the end of next week too! It’s nice to have a foot fetish friend, I have lot’s of hot sexy heel’s and pretty toe’s to show you.

Alway’s thank you to my member’s and kisses to you all with all my heart!

Thinking of you all


Who’s that and what’s she doing?

This show is for my really filthy men!

I plan to give Nix a memory that will blow his mind and his pant’s…lol

I will be looking totally different today so I hope you enjoy a bit of change! I am not telling you anymore other than don’t miss it! Hardcore fantasy fun!

See you there! I am also on Camz in the afternoon you have to check schedule.

Take it easy and kissesss


your sexy Canadian


Memorial Day

It’s a day to remember for all you American’s and the rest of the world. Honoring those who gave their lives and familes who lost.  We do love them and cherish the all.

I hope you all get to enjoy this day with your familes and take the time to sit back and relax and reflect on your life and what you keep close to your heart.

I have new content coming this week so watch for that hot and horny stuff for your pleasure. Also the five new site’s coming to join us will be with in the next few week’s. We are working on the page’s.

I want to tell you guy’s I have loved your e-mails you have been sending.

I have a sexy show planned for Thursday member’s show, I hope you don’t miss this one!

I hope you all have a awesome day and keep playing okay!

Thank you guys!



Filthy Again

Good morning to all my hot’n sexy men!

There are some new pics and a video posted yesterday. It was a very hot video I hope you know I was thinking about how one of you was on that chair!

We will be posting new updates from now on on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I will keep you posted on new thing’s to come on the site soon.

The site is only going to get better and better with help from  Dawn at She is doing alot of upgrades to the site for you all. Check her out too guy’s she has a really beautiful site and her boobs are to sweet, her eyes are gorgeous!

I will be on chat tomorrow for an hour so come by and say hi.

I got my teeth bleached the other day so don’t laugh when you see me glowing okay…lol

I want to hear some more of your naughty and filthy e-mails so keep them cuming to me, you know I love it!

I also want to say a special thank you to some of my member’s that have been with me for along time through all the changes of the site and other thing’s that have happened recently with the loss of my dad. It really did help to have your support through it all too! I love you guys.

I look forward to one hell of year to come. Meeting some of you for real will be the highlight of course. Alway’s looking to find more sexual fun to experience and share with you all is going to be the most fun too!

Well my boy’s you all have a good evening and again thank you!

Kisses to you all ……mmmm you know


your girl!

Thursday May 15 Show’s

Well boy’s thing’s are starting to come together here with the site. I know it’s been slow going but we are really getting there!

You should see some changes and addition’s very soon.

I will be on Camz Thursday afternoon, sorry to everyone that work’s that day but you can have me on Member’s show same day at 5:30 my time and I will try to get Nix back here again for a hot sloppy blow job!

Thanks everyone and you know I will take care of my filthy men!

Kisses everyone and see you Thursday!



Friday’s Show

Hello my filthy men!

I had some troubles with computer on Thursday and couldn’t do member’s show so guess what I am making up for it today!

I will be on at the same time 5:30 pm my time! Sexy and hot and horny as ever so let’s take care of each other today!

The site will be changing in the next weeks to come so I hope you enjoy it!

Also I will be adding new vids this week! yummy for your

Please e-mail me your dirty little thought’s and I will take care of them too.

Have a great weekend and see you all soon!